OUR Services We pride ourselves on building a solid foundation for your home to rest upon OUR Services We pride ourselves on building a solid foundation for your home to rest upon OUR Services We pride ourselves on building a solid foundation for your home to rest upon

We pride ourselves on building a solid foundation for your home to rest upon. We are known for developing quality working relationships with our clientele, we believe relationships build on trust, respect and integrity. We provide following services:

Residential and Building Construction:

Casey Homes provides complete residential building and construction service across Melbourne. We have build all types of homes, inside and out and are renowned for delivering an amazing finish. Whether it’s a small house, luxury mansion or just your old ruffer’s doghouse we operate all our projects with customer satisfaction of the project as a priority.

Extension of Building and Construction:

We know how excited it can be to build you first home but our professional team of builder make sure that your work environment stays productive and professional. we have conducted many projects in many workplaces such as, cafes, restaurants and home extensions. Our flexible rate and flexible timelines make sure that your experience with our service is enjoyable.


Just like our residential service we have also turned broken down, atrocious and disgusting looking houses into dazzling and marvellous homes. Our team specialise in home renovations and work together with the client to make sure that the house is renovated to perfection and just like how the customer wanted. we also provide renovation projects to facilities and big offices as well.

Bathroom Renovation:

Casey Homes is one of the leading company in Melbourne for bathroom remodelling and renovation. We understand that renovation and remodelling can be challenging but Casey homes make it easier for you to have a beautiful and great design for your bathroom. From concept to completion, our process at every step is easy, transparent and smooth. Our designers and skilled labour work together to enhance the look and feel of your bathroom that surely meets the lifestyle that you enjoy.

Get in touch with us to know how we can transform your dream into reality.

Full House Renovation:

Looking for someone to get your complete house remodelled can be a huge task. Casey Homes relish the thought of an entire house and consider the complete Remodelling as our speciality. We know how to get it done quickly, beautifully, and with quality. We assure to renovate your house to luxurious modern, stylish and comfortable living which makes you feel safe, comfortable, satisfied and successful.

We are here to help you get that living style you always dreamed of having.

Design and Construct:

When it comes to renovation, choose only the best! Our team of designers and constructors is unparalleled in its professionalism and passion for craftsmanship. We’ll discuss your vision, measure your space, listen carefully to your ideas, answer your questions, and provide expert feedback on how best to turn your dreams into a reality. We are dedicated to providing you with excellence in any and all of your projects.

The contractors and designers within our team work tirelessly to create exquisite design and functionality to your space.

Carpenter services:

We are not only specialised in building your dream home, we are experts in designing and building your carpentry needs. Whether you are living in a big house or studio apartment, we design custom projects for any space to maximise its beauty. From planning to construction we are there to help you.

Our excellent reputation and long list of satisfied clients attest to our superior craftsmanship, attention to detail, clear communication, honesty and integrity.

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